Orange LED On Linksys Extender, blinking orange light on linksys extender or solid amber LED on linksys repeater

Orange LED on Linksys Extender

Orange LED On Linksys Extender Fix

Getting blinking orange led on Linksys extender? Or facing solid amber or orange LED on Linksys repeater. Wondering what to do if after linksy extender setup, wireless extender flashing orange light. Or LED on linksys repeater is showing steady solid orange light. 

Read the guide to know the reason for the orange light on Linksy extender. And how to fix blinking amber or solid orange light linksys repeater via admin login.

Status and Meaning of LED lights on Linksys extender

  • LED is Off- Indicating Linksys repeater isn’t getting enough power, or maybe not connected and is “OFF”
linksys extender LED white Off
  • Light on Linksys repeater is solid Green, shows extender is turned on and has a good WiFi signal.
LED on wireless extender is solid Green indicating turned On
  • Wireless extender blinking Green meaning, Linksys is booting or firmware upgrading process is On.
Linksys range extLinksys range extender blinking green LED indicating booting process is runningender blinking green LED indicating booting process
  • Linksys extender flashing orange or amber light, indicates that the repeater is not connected yet and getting ready to set up. 
Linksys extender flashing amber or orange LED light linksys repeater not connected
  • Solid Orange or amber LED on Linksys extender shows weak WiFi signal strength. 
solid orange or amber LED on Linksys extender status indicates weak connection

Why are you seeing orange light on Linksys extender? Possible reasons

Poor router/modem connectivity with Linksys repeater

If the Linksys extender does not connect to the wireless router or modem, try rebooting after 10-15 seconds. Repeat the same procedure later with your wireless router or modem. When the WiFi router or modem is ready to connect, try reconnecting the Linksys extender to the router. Or do properly Linksys extender setup.

Using outdated version of firmware

If using old or outdated Linksys extender firmware, can causes blinking orange light on Linksys repeater.  Check update version on under “Administration” option of admin panel. Or If not, the first thing is to download and install them all. To upgrade the Linksys WiFi Extender firmware, follow these steps:

  • Open the Linksys Smart WiFi admin page i.e. with your browser, enter the default IP address in the address bar.
  • A window opens on the desktop asking for a username and password. Enter Linksys extender login details.
  • In Administration, click on Firmware Update that appears on the web page.
  • Select the file.
  • Select the latest firmware file and click Open.
  • Now, install linksys extender firmware.

After this if still seeing a solid amber LED on Linksys extender. Then you may need expert guidance to fix Linksys extender orange light error.

Fix Linksys Extender Orange Light - Troubleshoot

  • If still struggling with solid amber or blinking orange light on Linksys extender, even after soft restart or firmware upgrade. You may need to “reset” your range extender. 
  • Look for the Restart button on the Linksys Extender. There is a small button, press and hold the “Reset” button using a sharp tool like a pin.
  • Watch out the LED lights, if all lights on the extender start blinking. Remove the pin, and wait till all light on Linksys extender turns stable. 

After all this, still unable to resolve solid orange light on Linksys extender. you may need professional help. Contact login and setup experts.