Linksys Extender Connected But No WiFi

Linksys Extender Connected But No WiFi

Facing linksys extender connected but no WiFi signal error or after linksys extender setup cant access internet. Even after configuring unable to get WiFi range. Failed to get internet access even after linksys extender setup. Failed to have internet access after extender setup. 

Nowadays one of the most common errors that most users get with their linksys device is unable to connect to the wireless network. Or Linksys Extender connected, but wifi says no internet connection. There can be various reasons for this error.

In this guide you will get the methods to help you get rid of linksys extender setup but no internet access:

Initial Fix for Failed Internet Access after Linksys Extender Setup​

First thing is to check if there is any fault in the connected device(laptop/computer) or the router. In order to identify that one uses a smartphone to try to connect it with a WiFi network. If your smartphone fails to connect with the network, then the problem is either with the equipment wireless router or ISP. Try using multiple end devices if it works on different devices then the issue might be in laptop/computer or Wifi adapter.

Linksys Wifi Connected But No Internet Access- Troubleshoot​

Restart all your devices for fixing linksys extender connected but no internet​

In most cases, restarting your devices are able to resolve multiple problems related to the network and connectivity issue. Setup but No WiFi - Resolve With Easy Steps

  • Unplug your modem and router and turn them OFF.
  • Leave your devices for a few minutes.
  • Plugin the power cable back to your devices.
  • Turn ON your modem and post that to your router.

As all the devices are restarted, try connecting to the WiFi network again for internet access.

LED on Linksys extender is ‘On’ but No WiFi

In some cases the problem is associated with the modem instead of the WiFi router. So as to verify that, take a close look that the internet lights of the modem are functioning in the proper manner. Generally, the power and telephone light are visible. If they are blinking, contact your internet service provider (ISP).

Also refer, orange light on Linksys extender or ways to fix Linksys extender flashing orange LED using admin login.

Linksys extender connected But No WiFi- Troubleshoot​

If alternate devices are connecting successfully to the Wifi network, there might be problems that lie either in your extender, computer or WiFi adapter. In the case of linksys extender, one needs to make sure that extender is set up in proper manner using the linksys extender login web page.i.e  

If the issue is in your connected device(laptop/computer) then resolve it with the in-built troubleshooter:

  • For this, right click on the network icon and select the troubleshoot problem option.
  • Your computer/laptop will mechanically look for problems and try to fix them.
  • In most of the cases it will fix the problem automatically and if not it will provide the information related to the issue.
  • One can get help from login setup experts to fix Linksys extender connected to WiFi but still no internet access.
Reset Linksys Extender For Unable To Get Internet Problem​

If you are still not able to fix Linksys extender connected but no WiFi error, attempt resetting the Linksys extender device. Follow the below steps for resetting the linksys extender device to solve the problem of the connected but no internet.

  • Press the hold the RESET button on your extender device.
  • Let the LED light on your extender come into view.
  • After that, the extender device will restart itself.
  • Wait for a few minutes and try connecting to the network again.

Above are the ways to resolve the issue of the linksys extender connected but no internet access. In any case, if you fail to perform, get in touch with experts for any kind of issue related to the linksys extender device.